What is a mystic?

A mystic is a person who seeks truth, the truth of everything. Often deep in the researching of wisdom may bring one to the edge of insanity. To be a seeker ~ is to be mostly alone in your thoughts and many pages.  One may search for the truth by studying one aspect of nature’s obscurities at a time: Tarot reading, Remote Viewing, Power object; stones and mojo’s pouches, scurrying with mirrors, Shamanistic studies, meditation, yoga or a physical discipline like Kung fu or Tia Chi Chuan, Tensegrity, or one may work on dowsing and out of body experiences. To name a few. Or trying all for a period of time. 

a: mysterious b: obscure, enigmatic c: inducing a feeling of awe or wonder d: Having magical properties

Obscure thought or speculation.

This is all i have for now, but I will be adding to this definition as the days go by. So check back i am only just getting started. After thirty-years of working in the field of the healing arts and secretly studying the above mentioned (yes, all of them), I have learned a thing or two. Someone, somewhere said “we are in strange and interesting times” and I want to put out in the net (akashic record keeping), some of my observations. 

Magic and Symbolism

Magic is about knowing things…about our world. It is not enough to just study about gravity, tides and why there is static electricity. Or why someone calls you  just moments after you have thought of them, and perhaps you were about to call them. It is about the relationship between nature and you. Once you call to nature, the door is open and you just step in. It is a marvelous journey, and know that there is no way to turn back. Nothing to be afraid of, it’s like aging. As you grow you learn. You gain knowledge and a new perspective of life.

~Magic is the Highest most Absolute, most Divine Knowledge of natural Philosophy, advanced in its works and wonderful operations by a right understanding of the inward and occult virtue of things: so that true agents beings applied to proper patients strange and admirable effects will thereby be produced. Whence magicians are profound and diligent searchers into nature; they, because of their skill, shall know how to anticipate an effect, the which to the vulgar shall seem to be a miracle. King Solomon

gennas rainbow
by Genna Baccaro, copy write

Here are six mystic symbols for the home, and what they can do for you:

Circle: The circle is one of the ultimate potent symbols. It represents eternity, completion, unity, the universe, wholeness, perfection and the Great Mystery.

Square: The square symbolizes the four elements—air, water, fire and earth—and the four directions. It represents stability and strength, the four seasons and the material world.

Cross: The symbol of the cross pre-dates Christianity and is perhaps the oldest talismanic symbol in the world. The cross symbolizes eternal life, resurrection and divine protection from evil. It also represents Jesus Christ.

Triangle: The triangle embodies the power of the pyramids. It relates to the combined power of body, mind and spirit, of mother, father and child, of past, present and future, of the Holy Trinity.

Pentagram: The pentagram symbolizes the human body with each point representing one part of the body’s extremities—the head, hands and feet comprising each point of the star. To protect the home and self.

Infinity: The symbol for infinity looks like the number eight laid on its side. Centered in the home is a very powerful cosmic symbol.



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