Who IS Corey Goode?

Oh what a world, what a world.  Who would have thought a little girl like you could destroy my wickedness“.  Just a thought… I am just about finished with watching all the episodes of Comic Disclosure on the Gaia channel with David Wilcocks and Corey Goode. Being a very “out of the box” thinker I want to believe him, but when I dowsed if he was honest, I got a no.  Dowsing, not the only way to discover truth, therefore, I continue listening with a foot out and one side of my brain in reality. “oops“, not sure what reality is at the moment. Please don’t grab me for a 48 hour psych eval! My leading concern, besides my sanity, is the Cabal is technically advanced and in control of our society as Corey says, or are they deceiving us with an elaborate hoax and that Corey Goode is just playing a role? The best part is that the story is so in line with many terrific scifi TV shows that it makes me think either they have picked pieces from Sci-Fi’s, such as; War of the Worlds, Star Wars, The Matrix, to create this elaborate story or that human connected consciences has tapped in to what is really going on in our world/galaxy. If Corey is telling the truth about the Avatars, I mean Avian bird alien guy named Ra Teir Eir, if there are over 200 separate alien species that travel through our system stopping off on the moon, that earth is considered an “oasis”, and if there are people who live under the Himalaya’s…do we really want to know? Okay, the gig is up guy. Do Corey and David really think that people are going to believe this? It’s preposterous! They are playing around with our minds.

Strangeness, metaphysical psychic phenomenon, Sci-Fi, these are my passions. Researching, reading worldly magick books, listening to George Noorey, all that stuff. Yet, best stories are right here in front of us all the time. And yes, I get confused. Anyone who wants to see it get easier for all good humans, to see a more sustainable living, a cleaned up earth. No more Chem-Trails…if that is really the case. Those who believe that we must ALL be responsible for our planet, keep a line to the rim of “reality-ies”, Oh, whatever! Am I gullible, yes and no. I don’t believe until there is proof, but I enjoy the ride!




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