My Little Kitten Figaro

We got a new kitten today. My son named her Figaro, after the cat from Pinocchio because she has the same symmetrical coloring, black and while. She, a rescue, is a bit small for 8 weeks old. Figaro has some fleas that I am jumping on, no pun intended. Blue Dawn dishwashing soap kills fleas. I have already done the home-work on it. Cat bed cove, cat clawer, cat toys, cat combs, bowl, food dry & wet, blanket, special pillow, coach covers, and have I missed anything. Thank goodness I have Amazon Prime. I have ordered so many items oh, cat tree. I need a cat tree. Excuse me, I’m back now. Just had to get that done while I’m thinking about it. Now, how to pay my bills after spending all that money on a kitten. I don’t remember it being this expensive in the past. Ah, I am fifty-seven years old and we never bought expensive toys for our cats when I was a kit in the sixties/seventies. We made them. I took a 3 foot flag off the stick and tied a zig zag rick rack on it and Figaro seemed to like it very much.

The woman how drove all the way from Van Nuys (1 1/2 hours, north of North Hollywood was very interesting. A metaphysical thinker like myself. She sat with her legs crossed on the floor. I asked if she was a yoga person. Say answered no. That she is just naturally limber.  I wish I could have talked to her longer. Shelly, is her name. The funny thing is when I talked to her on the phone I thought she was a man. Honestly I though she was, a gay man. And based on her personality and that I believed she might be a gay man I felt comfortable with her coming to my home. When I saw her I almost laughed out loud at myself. We have really enjoyed having Figaro in our home today and hope that she will stay a long time. I have not had the best luck with cats in the past. They have disappeared or one April was hit by a car. It was devastating to me and I have not had a cat for over sixteen years. Before I allowed myself to become excited about getting anther cat I talked to my good friend, we call each other sister, Bernadette who is an animal communicator. She cleared my mind and told me it was good for me to bring a cat in my life. So, for the past few months I have been looking on line Facebook and craigslist, and some local rescues and a veterinary office in La Habra. I found her on craigslist! And now I am very happy taking care of this little creature.


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